Aquaregia Studio Mix No. 12: Troma & PERS1

Troma & PERS1 with an interstellar mix for the 12th edition of Aquaregia Studio Mixes.

Troma & PERS1 back at it again with an extraterrestrial transmission direct from deep space.

Alkini - Lucilius [Kornarion]
Primal Code - Along The Fjords [The Gods Planet]
Troma & PERS1 - AM Herculis [Forthcoming on Aquaregia]
Lakej - Corporeal Form [Semantica]
Blazej Malinowski - In Reverse [Semantica]
Fabrizio Lapiana - Stokehole [Attic]
Skee Mask - Dial 274 [Ilian Tape]
Takaaki Itoh - Wisher [Mord]
Fables - Endless Bliss [Ellora]
Dusty Kid - The Arsonist Part III [Isolade]