Aquaregia Studio Mix No. 12: Troma & PERS1

Troma & PERS1 with an interstellar mix for the 12th edition of Aquaregia Studio Mixes.

Troma & PERS1 back at it again with an extraterrestrial transmission direct from deep space.

Alkini - Lucilius [Kornarion]
Primal Code - Along The Fjords [The Gods Planet]
Troma & PERS1 - AM Herculis [Forthcoming on Aquaregia]
Lakej - Corporeal Form [Semantica]
Blazej Malinowski - In Reverse [Semantica]
Fabrizio Lapiana - Stokehole [Attic]
Skee Mask - Dial 274 [Ilian Tape]
Takaaki Itoh - Wisher [Mord]
Fables - Endless Bliss [Ellora]
Dusty Kid - The Arsonist Part III [Isolade]

Aquaregia Studio Mix No. 11: Emily Nicoll

Aquaregia Studio Mix 11 Emily Nicoll

An ambient + hypnotic yummy treat served by Emily Nicoll.

Ital & Halal - Where Exactly Am I (Lovers Rock)
nthng - A Souls Search (Delsin)
Artefakt - Kinship (Delsin)
Space Age Locations - Hidden Valley Logging Company (Hidden Valley Logging Company)
Charles A.D. - レインボスノウ (Ume Records)
Primal Code - Alpine Violet (Konstrukt)
MTRL - Satoru (Lowless)
Kontinum & Isoform - Distant Surface (Precept) 
1800HaightStreet - Throats (Lobster Theremin)
Donato Dozzy - Fazah (Mental Groove) 
Stephanie Sykes - No Names (Cenotaph)
Evight Mörker - Vem (Evight Mörker)

Aquaregia Studio Mix No. 8: Emily Nicoll

Aquaregia Studio Mixes 8 Emily Nicoll

Trippy + hypno + a sprinkling of acid assembled by Aquaregia label boss Emily Nicoll.

Evight Mörker - Högre [Eskimo Recordings]
Mohlao - Vector [Silent Season] 
Dycide - Balder [Lowless]
Albert van Abbe - Broken Cymbal 04 [Semantica]
Kas:st - Anci (747 Remix) [Materia -- Forthcoming]
Mike Parker - Currents [Tsunami]
Retina.It - Rodeo [Raster]
Kaiser - Are You Still Here [Planet Rhythm] 
Anders Hellberg - Solida [Discrete Data]
Patrick Siech - Svävarterminalen [Parabel]
a_000 - Girge (Ness Rework) [Ness Reworks]
Tin Man - Washing Acid [Global A]
CaRon - Reflection [brokntoys]

Aquaregia Studio Mix No. 7: Troma & PERS1

Aquaregia Studio Mix 7 Troma & PERS1

Hedrome - Block [Blanksheet]
Hydergine - Entheology (Deepbass Remix) [Phorma]
Kas:st - 22.22 [Flyance]
Dasha Rush - Time Coil [Fullpanda]
Deepbass - Separation Of the Present Moment [End of Perception]
Leiras & Svreca (Acronym Tribe Remix)[Ownlife]
ALPI - 127 [End of Perception]
Banke - Totem [Token]
Temudo & VIL - Focal II [Synewave]
Alfredo Mazzilli - Tesla [Planet Rhythm] 
Blicz - New Doctrine [Involve]
Kas:st - Road To Nowhere [Flyance]

Aquaregia Studio Mix No. 6: 747

Aquaregia Studio Mix Number 6 featuring selections from DJ 747.



Scam. - Chiral [Monolith Rec] Banke - Simenon [Token] Korridor - Vacuum Decay (Mike Parker Remix) [Hypnus] Pacou - Inbox [Propaganda Moscow]  TAFKAMP - When Desires Turn Evil [Revenge Techniques] Minimum Syndicat - Insurgency [Minimum Syndicat] Paula Temple - Oscillate [50 Weapons] MTD - Mokusha [Binary Cells] Gemini Voice Archive - Saturno 5 [Soma] 747 - Holocene [Aquaregia] Viers - Genesis [Figure] Tin Man - Pooling Acid [Global A] Primal Code - Allysum [Konstrukt]