Paleo Pt. I

Mind Against Playing 747 - Cretaceous

Brazilians dance to the track off the first instalment of 747's Paleo Series...

Mind Against pitch down the melodic acid-soaked cut by 747 at the Hole Festival this month in Brazil. Thanks to Instagram users @danielgeorges and @one_techno_track_a_day for sharing the dreamy video. And of course thank you to Mind Against for giving Cretaceous a spin. 

747 - Cambrian on BBC Radio 1

747's track Cambrian off the Paleo series gets played on BBC Radio 1 during B.Traits show with Charlotte De Witte and Anja Schneider. 

Charlotte De Witte giving 747's track Cambrian, off the Paleo Pt. I EP a play on BBC Radio 1...

747's new track is getting some more airtime on the #1 station. Charlotte De Witte gives it a spin during BBC Radio One's B.Traits show with B.Traits & Charlotte De Witte & Anja Schneider. Take a listen below, Cambrian comes in at 1:28.