Paleo Pt. 2

Paleo Pt. II Reviewed in Faze Mag

Faze Mag 747 Single Review Paleo

There's a nice little review of 747's Paleo Pt. II EP in the German Faze Mag...

Thanks to Andre Crom for picking the two tracks as favourites in the May issue of the magazine. 


"I definitely have a weakness for emotional techno and this EP from 747 is the best example of this kind of sound. Tracks like "Pangea" or "Tethys" are ones that skilfully round off my night at Berghain - when raw and minimalist beats combine with hypnotic acid lines and majestic pads."

747 - Tethys on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix

Charlotte de Witte plays Tethys

Out February 23rd as part of 747's four-part Paleo Series. (starts at 30:00). 

About the Paleo Series: The series explores the geological past of our planet through acid. The four-part series comprises three digital EPs and a concluding double EP vinyl release of the whole collection plus two additional vinyl-only editions.