Tin Man plays 747 - Suture Lines

Our acid hero Tin Man gives 747’s track, Suture Lines, off the Paleo series a play during his Solid Steel Radio Show.

Catch the Aquaregia tune at 13:30.

“In Hour 2 it's Tin Man who is of Finnish descent, but born and raised in California and now has a home in Vienna, a town perfectly suited to his deep and moody productions. TIN MAN has acclaimed releases on the Finnish record label Sähkö / Keys of Life, Cheap Records from Vienna, and continues with new releases on his own imprint, Global A . While TIN MAN's output is diverse in its references, certain underpinnings can be heard throughout. There is always a strong reference to Acid House music, as well as a strong reference to Ambient and Electronic Pop music from the past 30 years. He told us; "Here is my mix. Its on the acid tripping side of deep techno with some soft bookends.””