747 - Paleo Pt. II EP (Digital)


747 - Paleo Pt. II EP (Digital)


747 - Paleo Pt. II

Release Date: February 23rd, 2018

Download includes the following tracks in .mp3 and .aiff formats.

B1: Tethys
B2: Pangea

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Paleo Part II

Armed with a TB303 and FG204, 747 continues the backwards excursion in Paleo Part II. Rhythmic tides roll over roiling subaquatic volcanism as new islands are birthed in Tethys; the cooling magma, a breeding ground for exotic crystals, their hexagonal points vying for space as the magma cools. Whimsical offshore breezes caress the fresh landscapes sweeping us into Pangea; whirling through a land of extremes. We're led on an expedition across the supercontinent from the ice-laden poles through to the scorching centre and for the finale, a gentle release as the orogeny declines.

About The Paleo Series

The series explores the geological past of our planet through acid. The four-part series comprises three digital EPs and a concluding double EP vinyl release of the whole collection plus two additional vinyl-only editions.


Paleo Pt. I
A1: Cretaceous
A2: Cambrian

Paleo Pt. II
B1: Tethys
B2: Pangea

Paleo Pt. III 
C1: Astero Ceras
C2: Suture Lines

Paleo Pt. IV - Vinyl Only (July 2018)