747 - Paleo Pt. I EP (Digital)


747 - Paleo Pt. I EP (Digital)


747 - Paleo Pt. I

Release Date: October 27th, 2017

Download includes the following tracks in .mp3 and .aiff formats.

A1: Cretaceous
A2: Cambrian

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Paleo Part I

747 guides us on a primordial time travelling trip through geological history in part one of the Paleo series. Cretaceous begins the journey with warm pads enveloping lush landscapes and shallow, biodiverse seas. Cambrian launches us even further back in time, with a primitive pounding kick and a boiling acid frenzy exemplifying the turmoil of Pangea’s dissection. The organic, raw intensity of the period is stressed; swarms of trilobites scurrying in shallow prehistoric seas.

About The Paleo Series

The series explores the geological past of our planet through acid. The four-part series comprises three digital EPs and a concluding double EP vinyl release of the whole collection plus two additional vinyl-only editions.


Paleo Pt. I
A1: Cretaceous
A2: Cambrian

Paleo Pt. II
B1: Tethys
B2: Pangea

Paleo Pt. III
C1: Astero Ceras
C2: Suture Lines

Paleo Pt. IV - Vinyl Only (July 2018)