747 - Ammonite EP (Digital)


747 - Ammonite EP (Digital)


747 - Ammonite EP

Release Date: December 2nd, 2016

Download includes the following tracks in .mp3 and .aiff formats. 

A1: Ammon
A2: Depth Sounder
B1: Tourmaline

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The most definitively Aquaregian release to materialize from the laboratory to date, Ammonite EP polishes off 2016 with a decisive trio of productions from 747. Leading with Ammon, silky pads act as a backdrop to a rhythmic acid arrangement. With Depth Sounder, textured synths rise alongside a furious and thunderous kick drum slicing through the mix. To close out the release Tourmaline transports us to the stratosphere on a dreamy acidic excursion.