Aurora Centralis


Aurora Centralis has officially hit 1 MILLION VIEWS on the HATE channel. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who's enjoyed this melancholic acidic piece from 747. 


747 - Aurora Centralis wins a Raving Spoon Award

747 wins the Perfect Track award from the Raving Spoon for his song Aurora Centralis.

Aurora Centralis receives the most important award in techno...

747 wins the Perfect Track award by the Raving Spoon for his track, Aurora Centralis on Aquaregia. 

Their words: "When acid and emotion take over, this track came to life and shed some light on our life, just beautiful!"

So excited, such an honour! Big thank you to the Raving Spoon guys :) 



Elad Magdasi charts 747's Aurora Centralis

747's Aurora Centralis EP being supported and charted by our favourite DJs...

747's much anticipated Aurora Centralis EP has hit the shelves of Beatport. You can grab your digital copy HERE, or if you are old school, grab it on wax in our SHOP

Some of our favourites supporting the release, including Anetha, Charlotte De Witte, B.Traits, 2000 and One, and a very special appearance on Elad Magdasi's RA Chart...