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RELEASE DATE:  5 JUL 2019 (BEATPORT) / 19 JUL 2019 (ALL)
CAT.:  AQR012

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Troma & PERS1 return to Aquaregia with a brand new project, the Astro series; a sonic expression of the mysteries of the vast universe. To follow up on their masterful debut EP, Rainfall, the duo bring two acid techno excursions for the first part of the series. The tracks, with their bold basslines and hypnotic effects, in true Troma & PERS1 style, are sure to please on the dancefloor.

Asteroid, with its celestial pads and rolling bassline, tells the tale of a rocky mass ejected from orbit, tumbling on an achingly lonely odyssey; the planetoid, without freewill, forced to continue on its predetermined trajectory into deep space.

To follow, AM Herculis sonifes a binary star seizing matter from its partner, slowly absorbing the donor in an act of astral cannibalism. Inconsistent occultation brings fluctuating periods of calm and stress through the song. Dotted with acid, the track glides into a hypnotizing breakdown, where a warbling synthesizer leads into the fin.

Keep an eye on the label in the coming months, as the French brothers will succeed with an enthralling and 303-dipped Part II.

Written & Produced by Thomas Legrand & Clément Legrand
Artwork by Emily Nicoll | Mastered by Eternal Midnight Mastering
Cat. No. AQR011 – All rights reserved |℗ & © Aquaregia 2018