747 - Paleo Pt. 2 EP [Aquaregia 008]



Release Date: August 31st, 2018

A: Leah
B: Line Rain



New to the Aquaregia imprint, the young French brothers, Troma & PERS1, bring two pounding emotional acid cuts. We are sent sprinting through a lushly vegetated rainforest in search of something or someone in the enigmatic Leah. Pounding footsteps, a metronome maintaining focus as extending plants reach to grab hold of the unwary traveller. Humidity is high, sweat is dripping; reminiscent of a rave. A rare ray of yellow light shafts through the canopy, a summoning force leading one on to a sandy coastline. An eerie low pressure lifts scents leaving them weightlessly hovering, suspended above the ground. A warning sign of the impending system about to hit. A thunderous line squall, bringing chaos, wreaking havoc. Line Rain is in control, bringing calming relief while waiting patiently for the spell to cease.


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